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 Behind the smiles:The Kpop princess'

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PostSubject: Behind the smiles:The Kpop princess'   Thu Jan 24, 2008 2:56 pm

Quote :
Wonder Girls:

Dancing on stage, looking happy, looking cute, and making everyone grove to their songs is what the Wonder Girls are known for. But few people know what it was like for the girls growing up, prior to training, prior to fame. No one sees that behind the smiles, there is a sad past.

Lead singer, Sun Ye grew up with no mother and because her father did not care much for her, she was raised by her grandparents (who she sees as her mother and father now). This was revealed on a radio show back around July - August when a discussion about mothers was brought up. The members knew about this, but the radio hosts did not, still, she shared her story with a smile and a few tears while the other members kept quiet.

Wonder Girls Sun Mi:

At a more recent radio show, another past story was revealed. Sun Mi (who doesn't get much attention), had confessed that she feels like her group members donít treat her fairly. It seems to her that everyone favors So Hee, who is her age; which is all the more reason to feel second rate. When Sun Mi would imitate something that So Hee did that everyone thought was cute, Sun Mi would get an irritated or negative response. It's the little things that count in any type of relationship, and Sun Mi feels left out. Ye Eun tried to help, but only made matters worse by saying it's only a joke because like Sun Mi, she has a weird sense of humor. Ye Eun also tried to provide some comic relief by pinning the blame on Sun Mi by saying she is very self conscious. Sun Mi has it tough, she's sad when she doesn't receive attention, and it's even worse when she does.

However, Sun Ye (the group's leader and "resolver") defended Sun Mi because she "understands." She feels Sun Mi is the way she is because she did not receive parental affection growing up, and she wants to be loved by her older members. She states that Sun Miís reason for acting so fickle is because of her familyís hardships. Sun Miís father passed away when she was young, and because of this, they lived in a very rural area with her brother and mother. Sun Mi was deprived of a normal childhood as well as many luxuries, or rather common items. In addition, Sun Mi had to pass on a chance to study in Seoul due to the costly expenses. This surprised and impressed producer JYP (and everyone else) because she smiles everyday, doesnít complain, rarely cries and is always bubbly. However, upon further examination, there have been countless times where Sun Mi appears to just put on a fake smile to hide her sorrow. Hence, she has picked up the nickname ď4-dimensional Sun Mi.Ē

Other girl group members who also share a similar story is KARA's lead singer, Sung Hee, who also grew up with no mother (some say she recently passed away) and she wears a ring to commemorate her. Sung Hee states because of her mother (who was also interested in singing), she wanted to become a singer to make her proud. So Nyuh Shi Dae's (Girls' Generation) cheerleader, Tiffany, also grew up without a mother. She still commemorates her in SNSDís album by saying a shout out to her.

Many people feel celebrities have it all and that their lives are perfect, but behind those pretty little masks, often found are stories of tragedy and despair.

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PostSubject: Re: Behind the smiles:The Kpop princess'   Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:44 am

It's lead-back they had profound sense before they started off their career. Thanks for sharing I love you
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Behind the smiles:The Kpop princess'
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