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 Micky Yoochun's Girlfriend?

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PostSubject: Micky Yoochun's Girlfriend?   Fri Sep 21, 2007 2:16 pm

Quote :
Local No.1 Idol group – Acappella boy band DBSK has always been very popular among teenagers since they debuted. Earlier after they debuted, group member of dbsk, Micky Yoochun was rumoured to be dating with one of the dancers, which caused a lot of attention from all local media. DBSK’s management company, SM, did publish an explanation on their official website thereafter. However, recentedly, on 23rd August, 9 pm, fans spotted Micky Yoochun with a Chinese girl in a newly-opened accessories shop at Jiangnan (Seoul).

Reporter: So, can you describe in detail how you met Micky Yoochun & the girl?

Fan (F) : Sure. It was coincidental, because that accessories shop was newly-opened so it was having a promotional sale and it was opened for 24hrs for 3days.I walked in & passed by this pair, though they didn’t talk but they looked very close. Both of them wore caps and cos of the lightings in the shop, I could see the guy’s side profile very clearly, he really looked like micky,I thought I probably mistaken the guy for micky or he was just a guy that looked like micky, until ,that guy bend down to help the girl pick up her stuff that dropped on the floor, I was sure it was him. I was shocked.

R: Why are you so sure that guy was micky?

F: his earrings.Micky’s right ear has 1 earring. We DBSK Micky fan club went to the Pusan signing session last Nov.That day, our club leader gave micky a pair of earrings with the alphabets M with our logo M.Y.

R: then how do you know the girl is Chinese?

F: We guessed that the girl must be staying somewhere near this area so the next day at about 2:30, … ( She was very angry bout it so she brought a bento there to spill on her on purpose. But the girl didn’t blame her instead helped her picked it up) then I realised her cap had a M printed on it. After apologising & saying a few words, it was obvious she didn’t understand Korean. After that with very fluent English, she told me she was from China, this yr she is 17 & she has come to Korea to look around. I pretended to point at her cap M? MICKY? I could feel she was abit jittery, after that , I think her sister drove a car at the roadside & she got on it.

R: Do you mind if I ask how does the girl look like?

F: bout 165-168 cm tall, very pretty with white complexion, a very typical Chinese beauty look, sharp oval shaped face,hazel&black coloured long straight hair.

R: Overall, she’s a kind girl, right?

F: I can’t comment on that but I felt that way.

Below is a recorded conversation with a SM employee, Mr Kim, who just left SM not long ago.
“Micky is a very nice child, everyone around him knows that. In order to not cause disturbance to the Chinese girl & even the exposed pictures of him & his ex-gf (dancer), he did not say a word bout it, and make everyone think she is his dating partner. Mr Kim & their manager LHZ berated him for that but he still protected the girl very well. He once told me When I m with nuna, I thought I liked her, but when this girl appeared, I know how does it feel to like someone for real. & so he felt really happy. He was willing to endure anything greater for her, even if it’s scolding or beating. I feel that everyone should understand micky & stop guessing. And what micky was right, that girl is worth loving. I believe he do have the freedom to love, isn’t it?”

[i found this in cassiopeia family forum. it was already translated into english when i found this. the original source is in chinese.

credit: trax bar + konkonbubu@soompi + baBYunHo@CSSPF+nkaozouaher@BJJ
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Micky Yoochun's Girlfriend?
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