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 KARA Interview.

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PostSubject: KARA Interview.   Wed Aug 22, 2007 10:06 am

Quote :
Latest ongoings?
Kara: We are actively promoting our new song(Secret World), which is different from the previous track(If You Wanna).
It will show our mysterious/hidden parts.

How long did your train?
Sunghee was trained in DSP for 2 years, then we met each other and continued being trained together for 1 year. And now we debut as KARA.

First impressions of each other?
Maybe because Sunghee was trained the longest, she gave off the impression that she worked for the company as an employee.
Gyuri was scary. She had her long black hair and wore all black.
Seungyeon looked really childish at that time, and she wore casual clothes and looked as though she was one of those perfect students.
Nicole felt very Americian, and we never expected that she could be that cheerful.

The benefits of living together?
As Nicole is from US, we picked up some English from her. But she always teaches us the negative words first. Also, everytime Nicole's Korean improve, the other members' Korean will deprove. For example, the time when we were crossing the road, as the light turned from red to green, Gyuri said: "Children, the door is open."

Does standing on stage still make you nervous?
It's much better than when we first debut. We shout Fighting together before we go on stage. Although we are nervous, this nervous feeling also brings us much energy.

The most difficult time since debut?
When we have recordings and exams overlapping with one another.
Seungyeon was going to take her exams when it was time to record the album, so she had to wake up at 4am in the morning to prepare for school, and come to the office at night. Then, she will record the parts till early morning. This happened everyday.
At the same time, Nicole's facing her mid-semester exams and although we are recording a happy song, she sounded especially tired. But this is solved once she finished her food.

Most respected sunbae?
In unison, Lee Hyori sunbaenim.
Regardless of performance, or expressions on stage, or how she attracts the viewers in front of the tv, she is our most respected sunbae with all these charms.

Who are Kara's competition?
They would take us to compare with those groups that are almost the same age as us. But everyone's character and personality is different, so there aren't any specific competitors. We could only learn from each other, and be a better group after that.

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KARA Interview.
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