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 KARA: "Hyori is our role model"

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PostSubject: KARA: "Hyori is our role model"   Sat Aug 18, 2007 4:39 pm

Debut when female singers and groups are very active in the scene, shooting their first CF just 2 months after debut,
and receiving CYworld Digital Music Award in July, Kara is indeed the new group that is gaining much attention from everyone.
Kara, debuting under the pressure of being "Fin KL 2" are now, one of the best female groups in Korea.

When asked who in the music scene are their role model, they said in unison that it is Hyori.

Hyori, when in FinKL was in the same company as Kara now, and they had a special stage together in April.

Quote :
Sunghee: When on stage performing with Hyori unnie, you will be attracted by her charm, and her performance is excellent.
Seungyeon: When performing with Hyori unnie, she will help us one by one, check our outfits and accessories carefully. Is really very very careful and in detail. We are very thankful for her then.
Gyuri: When we are performing with unnie, at that time, we couldn't believe it.

When asked about their next aim, their answer was "We wish to get the Best Newcomer Award"
WonderGirls, Younha, FTIsland and other debuting artistes will fight with Kara for this award.
Hopefully, the 4 cute girls in front of me now, will reach their goal soon. And even more hopefully, better and more performances from then.
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KARA: "Hyori is our role model"
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